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ordered my new 2 inch shackles today!!!


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May 29, 2008
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northern california (Eureka)
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93 explorer xlt 4x4
hi guys! just ordered the new shackles today. got the war153 shackles and ordered them through tellico's site. anyways got any tips for me?? im soaking them with wd right now and they have absolutely no rist on them being the fct that this truck has never seen dirt till i got it a year ago... whick it stall has seen hardly any,:rolleyes: well should have them in 4-6 days and when i get done i will post up some pics.:D

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I did the shackles on my explorer and it went ok, just had to beat them out pretty hard... My friends explorer was a whole other ball game. It had a rusted out, falling apart shackle, which is why we put lift shackles on it. Well I ended up cutting off the entire shackle with the torch. After that I pressed out the bolt/pipe part of the bushing cause they were rusted together so bad. The rubber bushings luckily stayed in tack in the frame so alls we had to do was use a piece of pipe to replace the one rusted to that bolt. Put some new bolts in and we were set, 5 hours later lol Soak them in PB Blaster, I think it works better than WD40 imo

gosh dang it!! they dont have any in stock and they are now on back order. looks like i wont be getting them fromany where between 1 week and a month.....

I thought the warrior shackles were 1.25" lift?

So you can't find the shackles anywhere else? I was hoping to get set next week..

they can lift anywhere between 1.25 and 2 inches. they are the best price here and im not in any hurry so im just gonna wait.....

any welding shop can weld you up a few in like an hour for about the same price or cheaper. I paid $75 for mine to get made and that is about $15 less than to have the war153 shipped to me.

it depends on how much sag is in your leafs
Yeah but if you are using the same springs before and after installing the shackles, that variable is eliminated. If a lift shackle only has one set of mounting holes at each end, there is only one specific amount of lift it will provide you, which is the amount of additional length over a stock shackle divided by two.

If stock shackles are 4" long (for example, not sure how long stock Explorer shackles actually are) and your lift shackles are 6" long, you will get 1" of lift, no more no less, assuming you're still using the same springs, the axle is still bolted to the center of the spring, the weight of your truck didn't dramatically change, etc.

Whether you're pushing the end of a new spring or a saggy spring farther away from the frame doesn't matter... the spring itself isn't going to sag more or less after changing the shackles... it will still be the same spring.

got them installed sunday morning...



That's one purty rig! Do you have a body lift also or just a 2" suspension?

That's one purty rig! Do you have a body lift also or just a 2" suspension?

4 inch suspension. i put the 4 inch lift in and it leaned back a little bit so i did the war-153's to lvl it out

man i agree that is a clean looking rig!!:thumbsup::thumbsup:is that stock paint?

yeah it is stock paint. my parents have had it since 1994. this is the first truck i ever drove which was when i was 12 and most of the miles that were put on it where driving back and fourth to work (highway) and to our cabin (highway) real easy miles and my parents took good care of it. thanks for the comments.