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Ordered wheels, need some tire advice.

Newfy Trac

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August 24, 2011
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03 Sport Trac
After way too much thought, for many months. I ordered a wheel for my ST.

I choose the Black Rhino Sidewinder. 17x9 with 4.5 BS


Now onto tires. I'm going to go with a 33x12.50x17 or a 305/70/17

I've been looking at Toyo Open Country MT, Mickey Thompson MTZ or Cooper Discovers MT. Does anybody have any experience with these ? Mostly going to be used in the Sand Dunes, with a little mud. Drive about 6K/year.

Here is how it should fit on the ST.




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You looked at the mud grapplers or the trail grapplers?

Trail grapplers would look real good on these

USArmy Active Duty. Nathan, 2002 Sport Trac 4x4. -TT, K&N intake, Poweraid throttle body spacer, Flowmaster 40 with turn down, 30k Kensun HID headlights and fog lights, high beam relay mod, Grille delete, LED grille lights, Recon light bar w/ reverse lights, tinted 3rd brake light, 5% tinted windows.

A lot of the Desert Guys like the Toyo's. I personally like the Cooper's a lot, but I do not have experience with either of them. If you google search reviews on the tires there are plenty out there. Just try and accurately judge whether the review is real or not. A lot of people tend to exaggerate or don't give enough credit where due. Generally if the review is long and organized the person was probably being genuine, if the person wrote 5 sentences about how bad or good/ bad the tires were they were probably lying or had no idea.

I have an old 4Wheeler magazine somewhere I'll look for that had 30+ tire reviews for a bunch of different offroad tires.

GSE Brent said the Nitto Dune Grapplers were awesome in the sand in the Outer Banks. I'd also look at the mickey Thompson MTZ's or ATZ's. Those are 3 treads specifically made for the sand. However M-T is known for being really expensive....

My vote it the MTZ or Nitto Mud Grappler.

Just a warning. The mid grapplers are loud and don't last as long when used on the road compared to some other MTs. I don't think the noise is a problem personally and you don't drive very much per year but just thought I'd throw that put there.

Mud grapplers also aren't meant for sand... -.-

I don't personally have toyo's but know about 10 buddies that do and they swear by them. One of the biggest reason is the great wear on the street. There's a reason so many lifted trucks you see have them

I don't know if they all are Load Range E but the Toyo MT casings for my Treadwrights are. You probably don't want that.