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Orifice tube blown into evaporator?

May 25, 2007
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My old thread is getting too long, and the problem is more defined now, so I'm starting fresh. So I opened up the line to replace the O-tube, and could not find it. I assumed (yeah, I know) that the prior owner just screwed up and left it out. When I put the new tube in and closed it up, everything was going great. Good pressures, and vent temps going down as I added refrigerant. Then I heard a "poof" from the area of the evaporator, and no more cool air, and low pressure of 70 with no compressor cycling.

I opened the line up, and the O-tube (surprise) was gone. I guess the O-tube was blown into/towards the evaporator. Why did this happen, and what steps would anyone take next? BTW- looks like a retrofit to 134a was done some time ago. I just bought the car.

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I just posted on your other thread and had the same speculation. R&R the evaporator-- it's not too hard to do with your truck.

When i replaced my orifice, I allowed the accumulator tube to bend slightly. This meant I couldn't get the orifice tube in completely. I took a large screwdriver, stuck it in the accumulator line and straightened it out. I suppose some other enterprising soul could do the same thing only enlarge the tube too big or too far and the orifice got sucked in.

Or maybe not, only thing I can think of.

Luckily only nuts hold the evaporator housing on.

The evaporator is out, and I'm waiting on parts. I have a flushing question: I want to flush the condenser, at least in part to get the oil out so I know that I am putting the proper amount of oil into the system. Is this done with the condensor in place, or out of the car? I have searched the forum, and seen it both ways. Advice?

Do it in place.