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Orion HCCA 250r for those who know what it is.


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December 13, 2000
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'95 EB..wit da frawg eyez
Looking to sell this amp before I put it on ebay. It is the bright metallic red one. It is a year and a half old. Produces 1000 watts rms at 1 ohm. It is a competition amplifier so serious people know what I'm talking about. I'm looking for $350 plus shipping.

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What the hell is an Orion 1100? You have no clue do ya buddy? Seriously I sold the same amp last summer for $450, so I figured I could help you guys out and unload this one cheap. Thanks for the bump up though.

The HCCA series amps are the best model of orions out! I think you might be talking about the extreme series, but those thing are just plain crap compaired to the HCCA's. I'm going to be putting 2 275 and one 250 in my ZJ in a month or so. BTW a 1000watts is rather conservitive. These things have been known to push upwards of 1500 watt!

Thanks for the positive infomation man....actually Mendoza cant get a 1100 from orion. The Xtreme series comes in 200, 300, 400, 500, 600, 800, 900, 1400. Thats all. If you want my amp let me know. I hope you have a battery or 2 to use with those 275's. They draw alot of amps.