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Our Maiden Voyage!


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March 12, 2002
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Wauconda, IL
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2001 XLT 5.0
As some of you may know, we bought a new boat - one that's taken my passion a bit away from my XLT :(

Anyways, we finally picked her up a few days ago in the cold, dreery, 45-50 degree with 25-30 knot winds that we all call Chicago spring. It sucked!


The Truck:

Originally posted by rvitek
Boat weighs in at a nice 4600lbs (dry, 5000wet), with about 300 ~ 315lbs on the toungue. I was very concerned with the infamous XLT Butt-Sag, but I'm very surprised to see that my truck sits almost level (the tires are a bit squatty, added 5psi to combat it a bit).

Only suspension mods I've done are to lower the front 1" and changed out the shocks. I don't have the air-ride leveling system in the back.

Other than the surge toungue expanding and compressing on brake/accelleration, and the loss of gas mileage, I can hardly tell she's back there. It's amazing what all my mods have done to make my XLT an extremely capable mid-size towing SUV. I think the Apten chip was the best mod, as it put the truck into what other's are calling thier 'tow/haul' mode. The chip makes the truck hold it's gears a bit longer to develop more power. It does that very successfully.

The boat:

All I can say is, "Wow," I'm so happy we got the Larson. With the stronger wind on the chain (that would be the Chain 'o Lakes in NW Illinois) making for some strange waves, enough to make some of the smaller boaters (yes, there were more out there!) slow down some. Our deep-V cut right through it - it was awesome.

I'll detail you guys my whole trip log later tonight as it's off to the day's festivities with the family.

Here's all our pictures from our delivery to our maiden voyage.

Oh yea, we got caught in the only thunderstorm of our three day tip . It'll make for a great story.

Our Maiden Voyage