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Out of ideas on F150 hydraulic clutch - Won't bleed


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November 22, 2001
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Just replaced the clutch on my boss's truck because his slave cylinder was bad. I got everything back together, all ready to go except for bleeding the clutch. According to the directions, it looks pretty simple. Says to pump clutch 15-20 times, then open SC bleed screw to allow any air to escape. If clutch is still soft, repeat until correct. So, that's what we did. Clutch never even began to feel right. I pushed in the clutch pedal, but the pedal will not come back up on its own. The fluid in the clutch MC does not go down at all... not even 1-2mm. I checked the hydraulic coupling and it appears to be working fine. Sometimes we got fluid to come out of the slave cylinder bleed screw, but it never was a steady stream. We tried several different things in bleeding the system, but nothing made any difference. I just don't get it.. fluid should be coming thru the line. What else can I try/look for? This truck has to be back on the road this weekend.

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Found this after I just posted the same problem ...conventional wisdom says don't even thinking about bleeding it without a vacuum pump.
Even with a vacuum pump, it seems like it is taking me forever or I’m missing something.

I just got mine fixed.. There was a large air bubble in the slave that the vaccuum pump took care of, but that still didn't really get it. Then I found the main problem - the rubber diaphram in the master cylinder! I felt like a retard once I saw that piece. I removed the diaphram and then it bled up just fine. I also posted my problem on TurboFord.org, and they posted many good tips, etc. Check it out at http://www.turboford.org/cgi-bin/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic&f=3&t=010550#000000 Good luck with yours.

Excellent reference!! srvblues00

My pedel is still mush but I'm working on the tips
Thanks Again

I can only say:
if anyone is ever changing out a slave master cylinder - BENCH BLEED IT. After hours of frustration….jacking up the car…doing this and that …… I took the dumb thing out (reservior and all) and bench bled it ………….the rest was a snap with the vacuum pump. Live and learn.
For what it is worth.

just wanted to say thanks to all who posted about clutch bleeding. i knew how to do it just not where to do it at. so thanks again.

saved again by an X ya gotta love it