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Outback Solutions Cargo Storage – '91 Sport

So here's where it sits this evening - - really pleased with using the OEM deck tops as the shelves, makes it looks almost "factory". Still quite a bit to do, mount to deck, mount to rails, install shelve "locks", mount attachment points, etc., etc.

Good thing I'm in no rush. . .

Shelves TestSM.JPG

More to follow.

'91 Sport

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Danny - Thanks for the comments, hope all is well with you back in the Mid-West. Saw your post a few days ago, but wanted to wait until I had something worthy to post . . . I have mentioned that I usually plod along on these projects, right ? ? ?

So here's a little progress, using door security locks to keep the shelves from sliding forward while underway. . .
Shelf LatchSM.JPG

Also painted the 2x2's gray, and abandoned the additional 3/4" plywood as a base for the shelves (had planned to carpet it as well), primarily due to the additional weight. I will use some flat steel to "join" the 2x2's together.

Here's airline cargo track that I just received today that I'll use for tie-downs along the shelves. The "O-Rings" side along the length of the track for multiple tie-down points.
Deck AnchorsSM.JPG

Another option is the anchor fixed mounts, same "O-Ring", just mounted in a static location. Beveled designed allows gear boxes to easily slide over the mounts. . .
Deck Anchor StudsSM.JPG

None attached yet, just spit-balling placement of these.

'91 Sport

...Take as much time as you need...

..It gives the rest of us time to enjoy the quality of the project you are creating...:biggthump

...Take as much time as you need...

Don't tell me that ! ! I've been (correctly) accused of dragging projects out for months ! ! And I've got more projects to accomplish, with dual battery installation and re-wiring of accessories topping the list.

Okay, back to the task at hand; have enough of the track to put outboard of the shelves, so when the shelves are not installed, I can still use the anchoring system for anything I put on top of the deck. .
Shelfless AnchorsSM.JPG

Also played around with using the OEM netting as a option, not certain if it will make the final cut.
Deck NetSM.JPG

More to come,

'91 Sport

Done ! ! ! . . .

. . . mostly. . .

Got the project pretty much buttoned-up today, only two things really left to do - - mount two of the round static anchor points under the pull-out shelves at the hatch side edge of the unit (will wait until I take the shelf unit out), and dremel off the exposed threads of the bolts under the shelves (also when the shelf unit is out).

Here's the final configuration of the anchors - - put the tracks on the passenger side for multiple point anchors, then the static anchors on the drives side. Also put track on the outward sides and passenger side of the shelf unit as well, for when the shelf unit is out of the rig.
Anchors InSM.JPG

Here's a shot of the forward portion of the drawers and deck, gives you an idea of the available space behind the rear seats - - plenty of room for a spare axle shaft and rear drive shaft, plus some other trail junk. . .
Front SideSM.JPG

Stuff on shelves. . . One of the two steel straps that join the 2x2's is visible on the deck. Yes, the REI Camp Bag is from the "Serious Expedition" preparation thread. . . If the shelves "dip" down in use, I can add another set of fasteners through the strap to the deck below. Not sure if needed, but an upgrade down the road if necessary.
Camp BagSM.JPG

Rig tool box fits long-ways and still the shelf pulls out all the way. A cooler can fit on the leading edge, as well.
Tool BoxSM.JPG

An ARB fridge in the future. . ? ? ? Perhaps. . .

'91 Sport

I have been in the planning stages of this for quite some time. Yours looks great! Good job!:chug:

One Year Update

I have mentioned that I usually plod along on these projects, right ? ? ?

What I used initially to secure the shelves . . .

Shelf LatchSM.JPG

Well, these didn't work . . .

The use of these home-style door locks to secure the shelves did not survive the rigors of off-roading, they failed early once the rig was subjected to off-camber and steep angles - - just too much stress.

So, after seeing how Phil (Albino94ltd) secures his parts drawers, made this upgrade.

Here's the new stuff:
Drawer New Pins .SM.jpg

The pin goes through the shelf and top deck to secure the shelf:
Drawer Pin.SM.jpg

The gap between the drawer and the top deck allows the insertion of the cotter pin.
Drawer Pins.SM.jpg

These oughtta hold. . .

'91 Sport

..Thanks for sharing what does and doesn't work as it helps us all...I'm glad you got it fixed easily..:biggthump