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outside roll cage

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That cage looks good, I am guessing it is not finished however? Needs more triangulation so it doesnt collapse.

Wicked ass deisign though!

I wish RangerX would post some pics of his Exo cage, built to protect the driver in a light roll (meaning 4x4 not 80 MPH desert end over end) it is a great design, attached to the cab and the frame.

Found a few.




See how it goes through his fenders? the front of the cage is attached to the firewall, which is the strongest part of the body. When the cage comes ove rthe back of the cab it goes down to the frame

Isnt .90 a little thin for a cage. My die doesnt recommend that size cuz it starts collapse the tubing cuz its so thin.

.90 is plenty thick in my opinion. didnt have any trouble with it collapsing.

I had to drive all the way to oregon. Just to pick up my tubing. Skagit steel wanted 130.00 for a twenty footer :eek: .And they had to order it. I pick my twenty footers up in oregon for 39.00 a twenty footer. Which still isnt the best deal but helluva good one compared to Skagit steel.