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Outside temp sensor ?


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June 19, 2008
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Hey i gotta question for you guys. I have a spare parts explorer that i am taking parts off of and i want to use to the overhead temp/compass display thats in it. My question is i found what i think is the sensor but it doesnt look like all the others that people have posted. So i just wanna know if i am looking at the correct piece. Here are the pics .


BTW the wires are blue with a yellow stripe and one has a white stripe.

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Shouldnt all the sensors for those look the same ? This one i seen on here is different. Do they differ from year to year ?

Do they differ from year to year ?
Yes, they do. For 2nd gen Explorers, as long as the color codes are blue/white and blue/yellow, you have the right sensor.

The two in this photo are electrically interchangeable, so either would work fine in any gen 2 Ex overhead console:


[Something to watch out for: there is a similar looking sensor on high end Explorers that is for the EATC climate control. The color codes are red/orange and pink black. That sensor has a different impedance and would read erroneous temps if used for the console temp.]