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over flooding big time


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August 20, 2013
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1993 ford ranger v6 4.0
ok guys i am lost here and could sure use some help.

my 1993 ford ranger v6 4.0 keeps flooding out. it will start fine and it sounds fine but when i turn it off and than try to turn it back on it wont start. i checked for spark there is spark but i notice the plugs were totally wet. i replaced the fuel regulator, the coil pack, the fuel injectors, the computer module, the coolant temp sensor. i check for the fuel pressure its fine with in the range according to my book. so now i am lost and don't know what to do can you guys help me out. theirs is no plug in for one of those fancy computer reading devices that tell you whats wrong with the car.

also changed the alternator and battery cause it needed it.

my fate is in your guys hand please help

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if i wait two hours before trying to start it up again, it will start up just fine. but if i turn it off it wont start again. i also smell fuel in the oil probably from over flooding from me trying to start it a hundred times.

You hit the most common cause, a leaking FPR that sends fuel into the vehicle through the vacuum line.

Since the plugs are wet we do know excess fuel is getting in there. There really is only 1 way its getting in there (without being the FPR) and that is through the injectors.

So, either you have leaking injectors (is just 1 plug wet) OR you have an ECM issue.

The reason I bring up the ECM issue is I helped DannyBoy do a motor swap years ago and turns out his superchip (piggyback chip) mod to the ECM went bad. When you would turn the key to the "on" position it would open all the injectors and dump fuel into the vehicle. It was bad enough that you could hydrolock the motor with fuel.

If its one or 2 plugs are consistently wet then those are the injectors that needs to be replaced. Since your vehicle is upwards of 20 years old now I'd say buy a set of rebuilt injectors and install them instead of just buying 1 or 2 injectors.


i replaced all the fuel injectors and the fuel pressure regulator and bought a new ecm at oreilys auto parts and i am still having the same problem. and its all the plugs that are soaked to the bone.

I'm going to lean towards wiring then.

IIRC the injectors run on a common 12v (red) wire and the ECM grounds (not a true ground) the injectors to make them fire.

So, either they are being told to fire and/or are held open by the signal or they are leaking. There is no other way fuel is going to get in there other than the vacuum line on the FPR.

My next guess is that we need to figure out when they are getting wet. In other words, remove the electrical connectors on the injectors, turn the key to the on position and let it sit a few minutes and see if they get wet. My guess is they won't.. If they are, injectors are leaking and I doubt thats your issue (won't happen on all cylinders)

Next you can use a noid light or at least a DVM and measure on the injector connector and see if it has 12v and ground going to the injector. If it shows a constant 12v across the wires you have a short somewhere as it should not be telling it to stay open. Using a noid light you can see the injector pulses (flashes) and IIRC your 1993i is batch fire (not positive) which means all the injectors fire at once but they are never kept open all the time.