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Over heat!!


January 17, 2011
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97 explorer eb
:mad:Today on my way to work my car started to smoke and my check engine light came on and the temp gage was high. So i pulled into a lot and let it cool down. When i opened the hood I checked the coolant and it was empty. But there was also a bright greenish colored liquid everywhere! It was up by the windshield and all the way up in the front by the lights. Under the car there is a big puddle of liquid just dripping. I need to get the car home which is about 15 miles away. What do I need to do to be able to drive it that far? :mad:

The green liquid is coolant. Seems as if something on the cooling system let go.
Check hoses, radiator, cap, t-stat housing, heater core hoses and flow control valve.

If the leak is new (haven't been seeing puddles before) and catastrophic, I would certainly check the hoses to/from the radiator first. The coolant could be everywhere because it's leaking near the fan and being sprayed.

Don't run the engine without coolant. You won't like the results. If you need to run it to see the source of the leak, fill the COOLED DOWN radiator and reservoir with water first. Don't take off the radiator cap while the engine is hot else you'll get a nasty, hot, boiling surprise.

good luck.

my98 is correct. A radiator hose or connection let go somewhere inside, and the coolant was likely pulled into the fan and blasted everywhere. You need to find wherever the leak occured and fix it before refilling with new coolant and going on your merry way. Might be worth it to pour some water in and see if it spills out anywhere.