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overdrive? gearbox wanted


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May 26, 2011
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cromer sunny norfolk
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1999 north face
Hi - just done a round trip of 320 miles (cost me £60.00 on Gas) in the wife northface, motorway/dual carriage way. what I noticed is when in cruise control at 70mph the rev are at 2.2 thou but when I selected overdrive it went up to 3 thou. I thought that this was an extra gear, therefore I thought the rev's would drop. (but we all know what thought did)?

PS anyone got a spare gear box (in good working order) for a exp year 2000. As mine as final given up and collection leaves under the tree, must do something with it. PM message please. Many thanks Gary

Surely overdrive is "on" by default when you select drive. Hitting the button when driving turns it off and your revs will go up. The "OD" with a line through it light pops up in the bottom right of the dash when you turn overdrive off.

over drive

Many thanks - you have nailed it? seems to be stupid question now? just come back from the midlands (warwick- went for sunday lunch, bloody long way to go)
Many thanks again Gary