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overdrive light issue, need help please...


February 28, 2004
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Detroit Lakes, MN
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'95 XLT 4x4
Greetings all-
Up until just this past week, my "O/D Off" light had been working perfectly. While pulling my camper last Thurs, I discovered I had no "O/D Off" light and the transmission indeed remained in overdrive. I know the bulb/wiring is good as I can shift into park, and then the light comes on when pressing the button and a driving test also indicates the overdrive was turned off if I shift into park first.

Anyone else experience the failure of this O/D Off switch while "on the fly"? Just wanted some info before I go visit my mechanic.


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is it flashing? or just not working?

not working unless in Park, then working fine...no flashing.

How heavy is that camper? Towing in OD cant be good for the trans, unless its built...

My O/D light will turn off if I turn my lights on. But shows up when the lights are off. O/D button still works either way, just no light indicating it's off when my lights are on.