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Overdrive not working


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November 30, 2006
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Rumson, NJ
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'02 XLS
Hey Guys, I'm back with another question. Months ago,this board helped me reach a conclusion to have my tranny flushed and filter changed. Even had Lubegaurd added. However this did not solve my problem. At certain speeds, approx 50 or 65 mph, my 2002 Xplr XLS would rumble/shake/vibrate, etc. I found that depressing the OD button on column shifter and turning OD off the problem would instantly stop. After a few moments I would turn the OD back on and most of the time I could leave it on as the rumble/shake/vibrate was gone. This has persisted for several months. My Ford Dealer recommended a new or rebuilt tranny. On occasion, the OD light would flash continuosuly while driving. Depressing the OD button would do nothing. only turning off the vehicle and restarting would the light stop blinking. Now the OD button does not work at all. I can not turn the OD on/off. Seems like i am driving without any OD all the time. The rumble/vibrate/shake are gone.

After searching these threads, as a non-mechanic type, I am a little overwhelmed with all the responses to the various problems and am not sure if any directly apply to me. If anyone has a list of sorts that I should check I would appreciate it. I am taking the truck to a local tranny shop this week.

Thanks in Advance.
My truck has 79K miles

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Welcome to this forum! Check the fuses, and have the computer scanned to find out what code is stored. The 2002 5R55W 5 speed automatic transmissions have known issues with the solenoid blocks going bad around 60K miles.

I had the computer scanned by a local tranny shop. He said it read "pressure control solenoid". He gave me an explanation and recommended a rebuild. What do you think?

I would get the exact code if possible and post it here, theres a few guys that really know the transmissions. If its just a solenoid in the valve body, it's highly unlikely that you'd need a rebuild. Just replace the solenoid add the fluids and you should be fine. But the first thing I would do is get the code pulled again and post it on the forum here. Chances are someone will chime in and you will likely save a ton of money.


is the code like a three digit number or something like that?