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Overdrive off button not working


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August 9, 2005
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Nayarit, Mexico
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96 XLT
Hi all.

6 months ago i was driving my explorer normally at the town,when i looked the transmission shifter with the od off button was not working.At first i thought the bulb wasnt working,but after a few miles driving at highway speed i was in overdrive (like normally should...)but i cant turn off OD.Well,just in case i removed the dashboard and tested all the bulbs,these were fine,so my next guess was the button and its wiring.I removed it and the wiring looked in bad shape,so i decided to test it with a multimeter.Here are my results.

OD button, continuity test = 125 ohm

Wire voltage.One tested 1.50 volts,the other tested 4.5 volts.

All these test were KOER.

My question is, replacing the entire shifter assembly would cure the problem? If so, how much does these cost?

I would be glad to hear some answers.Greetings from Mexico.

The button itself will "wear out". It can be removed from the shift lever using patience and very small screwdrivers. I think it is a momentary switch.