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May 26, 2011
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1999 north face
Hi I thought I fixed the transmission problem. I took it for a run today it all works fine until the engine warms up, then the overdrive light comes on and the rev's start increasing, you can select the gears ok but sounds like it is slipping and you loose drive, so drop it down from drive to to 1st or 2nd to gain speed and switch back drive and it is fine. Let the engine cool down and it is fine again until it warms up. fluid levels ok? any suggestions - filters? many thanks Gary

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I recommend you download the transmission manual from the transmission section of this forum and it may help you diagnose the problem.

I read it a few weeks ago and was amazed at the electronics inputs from the engine sensors and PCM into the transmission control. Engine temp inputing into the gear changes?

just a thought - does the problem occure when as soom as the engine is up to temp or when the transmission is warm?

worth checking


I am by no means an authority on trannies but i have read lots of threads on them when i thought i had broken mine. From the sounds of it your overdrive band may need adjusting. I would try that before fluid and filter change as costs nothing (appart from a small torque wrench but any excuse to buy another tool) and if the band and clutch discs are too worn the fresh fluid may see them off. Also if it had problems selecting gears then i would say go ahead and change the filter as this would improve the pressure.
There are loads of interesting threads in the tranny section including ones on the solenoids.

What did you do to fix it prior.. High mileage indicates time to change the solenoid pack honestly.

many thanks again,

I still having trouble with fuse 10 still blowing which runs the gem system, and as jcasey007 suggests the control system. did a lot of reading yesterday and I think it is lnked together, as I can now select the gears easier once I checked and change 1/2 dozen fuses back to the correct ratings (as per the owners handbook etc). Jan that had crossed my mind however as you suggested I leave the filters and concentrate on the electrics (solenoids) as blee1099 mentioned. I feel anther day under the bonnet (if her indoors lets me? ) Gary

still not sorted the electrics - however or the last hour been reading all the treads on the solenoids and this seems to be a common problem the o/d light flashing and the shifting between 2nd and 3rd, the all seem to suggest changing the solenoid, but as the electrics have still not been sorted still can not get any codes to confirm. I have disconnected seats, windows, s/l suspension, towbar only thing left is the central locking which need to tackle during the week. anybody any other suggestion would be greatful. Gary