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overhead console... sorry


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October 7, 2013
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Ontario, Canada
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2002 Sport Trac
I know there are a BUNCH of problems associated with the OHC but i cant seem to find the answer to mine.

yesterday i got around to changing my spark plugs, and while i was on the passenger side i noticed a small wire that was lose and not connected to anything. Then today when i got in my 2002 trac, and fired it up, i noticed the OHC start up normally (flash every symbol) and then it went completely black.

I read alot about a chip on the back of the console that pops out... is it possible that that happened?

Now, is there any wires for the OHC that run into the engine bay? and is there any correlation between this wire and the OHC whatsoever?

Sorry i dont have any pictures of the wire, i know there are forums explaining how to post pictures and if it comes to that ill figure it out.

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Pictures would help you explain better and also better for other members, may get better/more responses also. So definitely start doing that, it's not that bad.

You say the wire was loose in engine bay, so assuming you put it back (not out), I don't think that would be your problem. Has your console always worked and just stopped or had it been blacked out prior. I think it just may be a coincidence and would check the circuit board for the 2 "516" (I think) chips or resistors. If you push on the lens does it light up again? I read something about that in the sticky but can't remember if it's for the same issue. Mines were still attached and looked ok but if you look real close or use a magnifying glass you may see hairline crack. I added solder and it fixed it.

Ill start a new thread for the wire, but i just went into my truck and pushed against the OHC LED display and it came up with the display, this was the first time its ever gone black. so am i too assume it is those chips?

Keep the thread going here for the wire, don't start another thread for just that wire. You'll get more responses here. Do you have a picture of the wire that you plugged back in? This would help determine which wire it is, there's thousands under the hood. LOL

The only way to see if the circuit chip shorted and needs fixed is to remove the over head console and inspect it, I've fixed mine over the years and it keeps going out.


I hope this picture works haha, but this is the wire and just to clarify i DONT have a clue where it comes from or where it plugs into so its currently just laying under my hood... i know that probably sounds stupid haha but ive driven on it and nothing seems to have changed except the overhead console.

I figured it out, sorry the pictures are so big.

This is the wire i am talking about.

Back to the OHC, midnight, i have an 02 trac, no sunroof or anything. I have the console out of my truck and i have 5 torx out of it so far, but im having an absolute hell of a time trying to get the white part that contains the circuit board out of the OHC casing... any tips you can give me?

If I remember correctly from when I replaced my heater control valve that plugs onto it. If you look at the second picture you can see the valve just below the alternator and above the coolant overflow tank in the picture. It just slides right onto the nipple on the top of the valve. Without this plugged onto the valve you can't adjust how hot or cold you want the heat.

I thinking pulling the white housing was the hardest part not trying to break anything

Looking back at midnights thread you don't need to remove the white housing from the circuit board to resolder

No need to remove the circuit board from the white bracket.

I ended up figuring it out... stupid me missed two screws directly underneath foam padding haha woops. Anyways thank you guys so much ! youve been a huge help. I am just waiting on my dad to find his soldering supplies and then ill make sure the connections are nice and strong !

Be careful doing it, you can burn the board and chips really easily.

Don't understand why the console would light up at all if the resistors "chips" fell off.
Isn't there a mode button that toggles the display to show stuff or turn it off?

Yes I think the mode goes through 3 cycles/settings with off being 1