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OverHeadConsole Addition....


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July 8, 2006
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Louisville, KY
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97 Explorer XLT
I am adding an Overhead Console in my 97 XLT. This is the stock console with direction,temp and map lights. After tinkering with the head liner.... Does this Console mount to an additional bracket? I can see where the slots for the clips go, but there are no additional mounting points for the existing screw holes in the console.....BUT there are to tapped holes that have no relation to any of the holes in the console, which might be perfect to mount my missing bracket... if there is one...

Apreciate... any insight yall got...


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Thanks... bought the bracket... got it all mounted. Now I need to figure out the schmatic of the wires that lead to the coupling. Ford wants over 500 bucks for the complete harness. I will pass on that. Anybody got any Clues on those wires? I have found wiring instructions for the harness which has color coded wires, but the wires attached to the console seem to all look alike..... stumped..?

I can't find it at the moment but somewhere on here there is a picture that shows the wiring according to the pin position of the wires in the overhead console plug.

Ok I found it.


  • overheadconsolewiring.gif
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A Million Thanks! now I know what I will be workin on next weekend! ;)

Something I have always been curious about... where is the temperature sensor located?


It's behind the bumper down at the bottom of the radiator on the drivers side. It's kind of cigar shaped with a part that looks like a hex nut and a nipple on the top.

Thanks briwayjones!