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Overheating fixed...now to ***** the damage


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May 16, 2009
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Fayetteville, Ar
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'93 X Sport
So it seems a new thermostat has fixed my overheating issue. It was never "spewing" or anything, just running really hot per the temp gauge. Sometimes past L.

I'm now wondering what damage may have been done. I got the truck with this problem, and I first thought the problem was low coolant because I was able to add a full gallon. That helped but it still ran hot after awhile, up past L one day in traffic, and I had to do a 100 mile freeway trip this last weekend and it ran at A-L the whole time on the way there, past L most of the way back. Ran about 1 letter space past L, maybe a letter space and 1/2.

Now my concern is on these times it ran past L, when I started the truck back up after these times it would start hard and run real ruff (after sitting 15-30 minutes), and it took pushing on the gas to keep it running. Once moving for a minute it would quit and idle fine. After the 100 mile trip it did this twice in a row, even though the second time I had let the truck cool down some and it hadn't ran past L. It idle's fine and runs fine all other times, just these two times I went past L. I was thinking maybe the gas was boiling, I know on old carb cars that was an issue from running hot. It would boil the gas in the bowls, sometimes even boiling it dry. But I've never had that problem with FI. Any idea's? Anything else I should keep my eye out for? Since I got the truck like this, and since it was a gallon low on coolant I'm worried the previous owner might have overheated it bad, and that's why there was no coolant. I've had no loss of coolant myself since filling it up.

Just looking for stuff I should watch for, no sighs of cracked heads or leaking head gaskets yet... I've had both of those issues and know the signs!! LOL