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Overheating problem or leak?


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April 11, 2008
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Old Bridge, NJ
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2011 Explorer XLT
I am having an issue with my 99 XLT SOHC. Recently I have noticed that it has been having a slight burnt smell when I drive it. I describe it almost as an overheating smell, but my temp gauge doesn't go above 1/4. Once in a while, after driving it, I will see a slight bit of smoke coming out from under the hood. It's not a lot of smoke, and it's clear. Probably wouldn't even notice it if I weren't looking for it. Also, I have no CEL and no codes registering.

It concerns me obviously because I don't want the engine to overheat. The antifreeze level is fine. There doesn't seen to be a radiator hose leaking antifreeze that I can see. Nothing looks wet under the hood.

Any suggestions on what to look for or what to check?

Thanks guys.

leaking valve cover gasket?

The valve cover gasket can leak and the oil drips onto the exhaust down pipe which smokes when it heats up.