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Overheating - Thermostat Housing?

Austin Rueschhoff

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May 7, 2019
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2003 Ford Explorer
Hi all, just joined the forum as I have a question I could sure use some help with.

I was driving home tonight and when I was almost home the temp gauge goes all the way up. I was just about home so kept making my way slowly. About the time I hit my driveway smoke poured out from underneath the hood. There was smell of coolant and liquid all over under hood.

I took the attached picture. It looks like a triangle-shaped piece of plastic busted. I think that is my thermostat housing? Any advice appreciated!

This is 2003 Ford Explorer. 4.0L. V6




Yep, unfortunately when they go, these thermostats stick closed. Had it happen when I was towing my trailer home for the season. You are better off to stop. If you keep going the overflow will start puking coolant back over the engine and you end up with a cracked head, or minimum a blown head gasket. These heads don't take heat well on a good day.