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overheating...thermostat replaced


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October 17, 2007
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1997 Explorer Sport
I have a 97 explorer sport. My engine was overheating and after reading many threads, it seemed like a good idea to replace the thermostat. I did so, filled the radiator with coolant. I took it out for a 10 minute test drive. The temp gauge showed the temp in normal range the entire time. I parked the car and noticed coolant leaking. I'm not sure where the leak was coming from. The radiator seemed to be weezing quite a bit. The reservor was completely empty.

When I put the coolant in, I'm not sure if I burped it correctly. Could this be causing the problem or is it something more serious.

Any input would be helpful. Thanks so much!!!!

90 % sure it is the water pump. It could be air though. But air would not cause the leak.
I would let it cool, top it off. Run it till it gets normal temp, let it cool and top it off again.

If it still over heats and leaks then it is the water pump.