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February 24, 2006
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'99 XL 4x4
Now that it's getting to be warmer weather out, I'm having some issues with my ex overheating. I recently changed the thermostat in it and flushed the radiator and it is still having the same issue. It will heat up to the normal temperature fine and will stay there for maybe 30-45 mins of highway driving or 20-30 mins of stop and go driving before it starts to climb. It is more noticible if the a/c is on. After this point the fan seems to be running really fast and makes a lot of noise and then the temp starts climbing upon acceleration. Also, it seems like the engine starts to lose power at this point. I have to give it more gas to get the same rpm's and acceleration then when it is cold. Any ideas?

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Are you loosing any coolant?


Check the clutch for the radiator cooling fan, radiator cap and possible clogged radiator core. Verify that each is working properly but it is possible you also have a bad thermostat or it may get damaged from the overheating.

I have not noticed that I have lost any coolant. I don't really know what to look at as far as the fan clutch to tell if it is working or not, so I will most likely take it into a shop sometime this week to have it looked over. Is it possible that my a/c clutch could be causing the issues? If it is starting to seize I would think it could cause the engine to overheat. Just a thought.

Papa was referring to the themostatic clutch that is connected to the water pump. It is supposed to grab better when it is hot, and slip more when it is cold. The hotter the engine gets, the more cooling it will require. Grab the front fan (with the engine off of course)! See how much play there is. Now let your engine warm up, and idle a few minutes with the A/C on. When you see that it is about to overheat, shut your engine off, and check the fan again. It should feel a lot firmer, and harder the turn. If not, then your thermostatic fan clutch is defective. The slippage would in this case prevent adequate cooling.