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Overland, backroad, offroad park- Gen 2 Explorer -trying something different

Normally I go all out for offroad, rock crawling, usually trailer rigs. That said.. I'm going a different route.

I bought a 2000 Eddie Bauer V8 a couple years ago as a one owner from AZ, with around 55,000 miles and no Midwest Rust!! Currently it has around 88,x.. miles, so still a baby. During that time, I have added a front skid plate, welded on rock sliders, 1 in body lift, 4406 manual t-case, TT, rear ad a leaf. gas tank skid and transfercase skid. I was running 31s, but had short stint of sold it to my brother, but bought it back with no tires which worked well for future plans.

New mods planned and ordered:
ARB rear locker
On board air
Smitty Built roof rack
DIY parts for rear tire carrier bumper
Heavy duty rear diff cover
5- 33-12.50-15 Pro Comp extreme MT on 15x8 wheels. (hoping I can fit them without trimming any) will see :)
St. Louis Spring custom rear 3 in arched lift springs, built for carrying extra weight (old springs even with ad'leaf sag pretty bad)

Future mods:
Custom front bumper
9500 LB Warn winch with synthetic cable
Atlas 3.8/1
More LED Lighting

Maybe mods:
I really want to SAS but I don't really want to go much bigger on lift height so, will see. I have done many in the past but was never trying to keep it low.. I have some zero lift EB duff coils and a 77 dana 44 that I would use. If I SAS, I will be narrowing front axle 3inches. The rear would get Super 88 kit to update rear bolt pattern and widen the rear. Should be around the same width front and back then. Also I personally think narrowing 6 inches the normal amount doesn't fit well with 2nd gen frame rails. Coils rub or get real close. (Time will tell)

First trip
Sept: 2017 Colorado and Moab
Current trails planned:
From Lake City to Ouray -Engineer Pass
Black Bear pass
Imogene Pass
Others in that area?
Rim Rocker from Montrose to Moab
Fins and Things
Hells Revenge
Others TBD -waiting on my guide book.

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Sounds like you have a ton of work to do in a short time. But I have seen you crank these builds out pretty fast. For this build, I would take my time on it, and be as methodical as you can be with it. Not being a trailer rig, you want things to take the abuse over & over, and still get you back home.

Getting the lowest vulnerable part (Cats) of the rig up as high as possible, and keeping your COG low is the main objective for this style rig. Stiffer suspension and no sway bars, or soft & keep the sway bars. Hard choice to make for the COG. Both have compromises.

There are 2 types of C-clip eliminator kits out there. The Yukon 88 kit total width, is shorter than the Superior kit, by 1". Not a lot, but might make a diff with your plans for the SAS if you do it.

To make it easier for the future add on's, install a 2nd stock PWD box, or stock fuse box, next to the existing one, and use it to double the capacity for all your lights, relays, fuses. They are made in such a way, that you can slide one to another easily. Doesn't even matter what Ford they come off of, they will work with each other.

Whatever you do, I'm glad to see your back in the fold with us. Can't wait until we meet again on the trails with your new modified trail rig.

Keep the pics & updates coming no matter how small. Somebody, somewhere will benefit from it, including yourself. I use mine to help keep track of things and dates. lol

Working on installing my Smitty Bilt roof rack today, overall very satisfied and easy to install with their mount kit

New rear springs, now need longer shocks and build or buy some sway bar disconnects. The old springs did have add a leaf in them.



So, with the rear springs giving the rear more lift, my stock shocks are no longer long enough. Stock fully extended the appear to be right at 25 in eye to eye. I measured with the rear fully drooped and they needed to be 2.75 longer. I getting upper mounts from Brian 1 that will drop the mounting point about 1-1.5 inchs

James Duff shocks 8115 Measure That should put me where I need to be. I will get a set and give them a try.

The 8115 shock has 10.25" Travel with a collapsed length of 16" and extended of 26.25"

Also, my new Heavy duty Ruff stuff rear diff cover came today, wanted this to protect my ARB.



Following this build and how it turns out. I have thought seriously about a similar build for my wife's explorer. I already have the 4406.

very nice!

Yea I have been inactive for awhile: moved to house number four in less than 4 years since being married. Several moves for work, and I didn't mentioned that number 4 I decided to build the entire house myself. So it has been the biggest undertaking I've ever done but is now couple months from totally done. Just finished hanging drywall in my basement and time to get it finished.



i know this is an old posting but whatever happen to your trip? Did you go? How did the Explorer with IFS perform? Any pics of the trip?

What brand of roof rack are those?