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oxidation on paint?


July 1, 2007
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Atlanta, GA
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'01 sport
i have a teal 01 sport and on the hood there are what appear to be oxidation spots. they are whitish and some are about the size of a quarter, if anyone knows 1) what they are 2)how i can get rid of them, or at least prevent them from recurring and 3) what the actual ford paint color and code is, the sticker on the jamb was removed at some point during the life of my truck and id like to buy some touch up paint, thanks alot -andy

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pics would be really helpful here

With out any pics, I will assume that it's bird droppings that have been left to "marinate" on you paint for too long. You can try Meguiar's ScratchX, Paint Cleaner, Polish and Wax. In that order. The ScratchX does bring results (you will want to do your entire car), BUT it takes some elbow grease. Bird poo is a genuine paint killer, if you see any on you paint take care of it right away because it acctually etches away you clear coat. Hope this helps!


They'd really help....

im a noob, can i post pics? or do i ave to be an elite explorer? anyway, ill figure it out after work tommorw, sorry!!!!

but thanks for the interest, if anyone knows how i can post some pics.... thatd be great, sigh im so bad at this, oh well

I think you need 10 posts before you can upload a picture. Your at 6 posts now so just reply a few times and then try to add pics.

thanks curtis

i will

continue to

post replies until i can post pics





zoom the pics out a little, they're really blurry and hard to see anything. but, from what it looks like, the paint is actually chipped away

It looks more to me like the clear coat is coming off. A common problem with the Explorers, particularly the blue ones. I had my right side repainted after an accident twelve years ago and the shop applied clear coat shows no sign of wear. The factory stuff seems to be of low quality.

i thought it might be chipping, but the trick is that there is not change in texture and the paint isnt chipping around the edges, also, does anyone know where i can get the paint color code because the sticker with all that information on it was removed at some point

thanks shamaal, is there a clear coat touch up product i can buy? because it only seems to be bad on the hood and the roof, (sunlight damage perchance?)
thanks -andy

There are spray can products you can get at the autostore, but it has been my experience that this is only the beginning and it will start popping up all over. On my Navajo, the clear coats gone everywhere except on the right side which was repainted. The folks over in the body work forum may be able to help.


damn, it nevers rains when it can pour, thanks, this is my car to run till it dies so i may end up getting it painted, but thanks for the suggestion

I have the same "spider web" white spots, most about as big as a dime on my hood too. Here in FL the sun destroys the clear coat. I have had good results with colored wax. I have one of those $9.99 from the TV commercials kits of 8 sticks of colored wax and swirl remover (which I don't use). But I use the green stick on those spots on my hood. The green is a little bright for my color so I go over it with black and the spots are pretty much invisible for a couple months. Ill wax over the colored stuff with a brand wax.

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yeah i washed and waxed today, meguiars cleaner wax, followed by Kit brand scratch remover, followed by another coat of meguiars, it looks better but the buffing didnt actually remove anything but some minor surface scratches, do you know the brand name of the colored wax that you use?