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oxidized paint & liqiud waxes

I've seen ads on Tv for products which would shine up the oxidized paint of a car in a junkyard. Didn't catch the name then, wasn't interested.
Now i am. Do those products work and what are they?

The black paint on my Navajo is flat charcoal grey except one quarter panel which, obviously has had some work done. Flat out my goal it to get the two matching with the least amount of work and expense.

Failing that.........

What I know about removing oxidation is to get after it with rubbing compound then wax, which I could do if I had to..........

Tips and suggestions please. Thanks in advance too

ps. I've read a couple of threads here, got the link for clay barring, etc.
I don't plan in using the side as a mirror. :rolleyes:

That stuff is a waste of cash. Where in ks are u? best thing to do is either attack it yourself by hand with some compound or take it to an experienced detailer who can go over the truck with a rotary polisher. if u r not to far from me i would gladly give u a hand. I have my own detail business on the side.


good advice Joe.
Please post a pic of your saleen

i will as soon as i get it back to ks. Heading up there next friday to get it


I remember a commercial where they did that junkyard test. It was for NuFinish. Wouldn't doubt it was a car that had just arrived really dirty and stuff.