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Oxygen Sensor Problem p0135


March 14, 2010
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Bronx New York
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2005 XLT
My check engine light came on, I checked the code its p0135. I checked the fuses, wires and replaced the Oxygen Sensor on the upstream driver side. I reseted my check engine light and the light came back on 10 minutes later with the same code. Anyone have any idea whats wrong?

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anyone have any clues?

If you're sure the O2 sensor is hooked up and working OK, check the ECT (coolant temp sensor), it's possible that bad reading from ECT could make the computer think the O2 Sensor is bad. It's a long shot.....

I had a friend replace both of the front o2 sensors thinking maybe I changed the wrong 1 to begin with but the check engine light is still coming back on with the same code. I have no idea what is wrong. Which sensor is bank 1 sensor 1, the front driver side or the front passenger side?

anyone knows?

It was on the passenger side for anyone who wanted to know. I sprayed down the connectors with electric cleaner and the light stayed off.