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November 13, 2015
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2002 Explorer Sport Trac
Hello, I just recently bought a 02 sport trac.. It is showing p0174 lean on bank 2.. Theses are the things I have done :
1. Fixed/replaced the common corner elbow hose along with PCV valve..
2. Replaced intake manifold gaskets
3. Cleaned MAF sensor
4. Cleaned throttle body
5. Checked for additional vacuum leaks
6. Replaced fuel filter
7. Cleaned IAC valve
8. Replaced upstream o2 sensor on bank 2
9. New spark plugs and wires...
10. Checked exhaust for leaks
So... Runs like crap on cold start up, ruff idle, sometimes stalls on start.. Runs allot better when at operating temperature.. Does not overheat, What I have found ... When running cold, unplugging cylinder 5 spark plug wire idle does not change... When at operating temperature idle changes and runs worse when unplugged.. Sparking at coil, sparking at plug.. No misfire code... Could it be fuel injector in that Cyl? I have put fuel injector cleaner in it as well.. Planning on checking fuel pressure...

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It could be the spark plug. They're cheap, so maybe try putting a new one in, clear the code and see if that helps.

Not spark plug... I tried swapping them and no change..

Spray starting fluid around the intake and vacuum lines when the engine is cold. If it runs better, you have a vacuum leak.
Can the injector be bad? Sticking when cold? Just a thought. Dave P.

The spark plugs and wires are brand new, after I saw your post I went out and swapped plugs around and it still runs like crap/ the same when I unplug Cyl 5 when the truck is cold.. And I tried the strarter fluid trick multiple times..

Alright, so I pulled the injector out on that Cyl and tested it and it's toast, putting new one in tomorrow I'll post the results when done!

It was the Cyl 5 fuel injector, I tested it and it was reading zero ohms, put new one in and engine light is off , running new again..