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P0344 camshaft position sensor code and rattling on acceleration


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May 14, 2024
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Hope, AR
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15' Explorer XLT 4X4
Noticed the first slight rattle on a cold start a few days ago and then it just seemed very sluggish driving it. Now just a few days later it threw a p0344 code for the camshaft position sensor and is making a pretty rough rattling noise anytime you accelerate a little hard. Checked sensor wires seemed fine, put IDS on it and checked desired vs actual vvt positions and had slight difference and was staying around .19 off but at times got up to .44 off.
So my question is if there is a good enough chance of it actually being a sensor to go buy one and see if it fixes it or do i just need to save that and start ordering a new timing component kit instead?
Only other thing I can think of is the vvt solenoids have had a little leak around them for a few months now could they possibly be the culprit here?
Oil looks fine, always ran Motorcraft 5w-20 and Motorcraft filters changed at 3k miles religiously. Still looked like fresh oil in it and no burnt smell