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P0401 code (Possible EGR connections) Help


May 15, 2015
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1996 Ford Explorer V8 EB

I have a 96 Explorer 5.0 EB and it was left at Ford Dealer Service for court trial for 1 year.
There was a P0401 and P0402 codes. I got my car back and wanted to change EGR and sealing and cables. It is done but still having P0401 code at cold start almost IDLE cruising.(exhaust gas recirculation flow A)

I believe that there might be a disconnection between exhaust manifold and EGR. There might be something else.. as far as I know the place of EGR mounted but can anyone provide cabling and pipes/tubes connections photos/schemas?





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Ok I noticed something..
as it seems it is about EGR regulator. Two tube coming out/in from.. One of them connected to the EGR valve. The other one which is connected to back of the engine(I am not able to see it), seems broken. So vacuuming is not working.

Could you give measurements and connection place of this tube? I might be able to seal or change it

I sealed the broken pipe but now the fault code is changed to P0402

I had same codes and fault wasn't actually in anything stated above, but in connections going through firewall, worth while checking those, might save you a lot of trouble if you are lucky.

Im having recurring egr issue what connections through the fire wall are you talking about?

Im having recurring egr issue what connections through the fire wall are you talking about?
Are you getting 401 (obd2) / 332 (obd1) code "Insufficient EGR Flow Detected" ... a new DPFE sensor resolved that issue for me. I got that code with a new EGR installed too.

I have the sonic egr or internal one i dont have a dpfe im also getting excessive most of the time only here and there not enough. code is P0402