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P0455 and P1451 Codes


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February 5, 2010
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Albion, NY
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2000 XLS
Hi, All -

I'm running a stock 2000 Explorer XLT with the OHV V6 engine. Last April, I got a Check Engine Light which read out as P0455 and P1451. I read the related post in this thread:


But still have some questions.

Some further background: Over the summer, the P1451 code disappeared, and I got variations of P0455 and P0442. I replaced the gas filler cap, and noticing that the filler neck area was cracked, and made some partially effective attempts to seal the cracks, and tried a couple of different brands of replacement filler caps with different configurations (purchased from AutoZone and Advanced Auto). The CEL would go out, then come on again with either P0455, or P0442 or both codes. At no time over the summer did I get a P1451 (5 or 6 checks). I finally got tired of fighting with the filler neck, and replaced the filler assembly. After driving a couple of hundred miles, the CEL went out. After about 300 more miles, the CEL came back on again. I had it checked this morning, and got a P0455 and P1451 code again.

As with many, I am on a tight budget, but need to get this fixed for my state inspection next month. It appears that I need to replace the Canister Vent Solenoid (P1451). I am wondering about the P0455 - If the Canister Vent Solenoid is stuck open, would that trigger the P0455, or am I looking for another leak in the evaporative fuel control system?

Any additional hints or clarifications welcome...


In case anyone is interested, it turns out that the CEL light is a pretty good idiot light. I had changed the oil betweek the repair of the fuel filler neck and the reappearance of the CEL. When doing a routine under-the-hood check a couple of days ago, I found that I hadn't re-inserted the dipstick all the way when I was finished with the oil change.


After driving for a couple of hundred miles, the CEL went out again. I can understand why having the dipstick out could cause a P0455 code, but not the P1451, unless the latter is triggered by (lack of?) vacuum system changes when the Canister Vent Solenoid is toggled.

- Don