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P0743 code...Help!!


January 10, 2014
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Columbia, Tn
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2002 EB Explorer
A few weeks ago I had a small shift flare from 4th to 5th/OD..Got a fluid an filter change...still flared...so I started driving with OD off..Havent had any problems until the other night...Felt a kick in the tranny then my chime went off...looked at message center and it said 'check transmission' along with my OD light flashing...that lasted about a minute and the light quit flashing and the message center went back to normal

Had a guy check codes for me tonight..it thru out p0743 torque converter clutch solenoid circuit electrical. Has anyone ever had this issue with this code? If so, what was the fix? I was told to replace the valve body and solenoids

This code is generated only by an electrical condition, The PCM failed to see a voltage change on the solenoid control circuit during a Key On Engine Off (KOEO) self test or during continuous on board diagnostics.

Possible causes are wiring or connector problems in the solenoid circuit or a defective torque converter solenoid or a defective PCM.
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So basically the solenoid pack..or the PCM, right

I would start with checking the case connector for a loose connection or corrosion and if all checks out I would replace the solenoid.