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p0761 Never before seen or found issue

August 8, 2009
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Pasco WA
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2006 Explorer Limited
ok so i have a P0761 which is the C solinoid issue... heres the rare part, i got a CEL but never has the OD flashed... no 4th like usual... also no converter lockup... at 70mph i can let off the gas and itll return to idle and at about 3200rpm itll start acclerating agian... that is the only code i have... also it has a production date of 12/95 so i cant tell if its 4r44 or 4r55... PLEASE help im driving 230miles this weekend to seattle and i dont wanna drive it without O/D...

PS it has 142,000miles

Have you replaced the C solenoid?

im going to tomorrow... just dont know which is solinoid C... but why is there no OD light flash i know the light works