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P0774 and P0775 Error Codes

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March 20, 2016
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Eastlake, Ohio
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2004 Ford Explorer
My 2004 Explorer has a lot of trouble shifting from 1st to 2nd gear. I used to have the error code P0774 which was an issue with the Shift Solenoid E. I am still having issues shifting, but I am no longer getting P0774, I now am getting the code P0775 which is solenoid B.

My mechanic wants to replace the valve body, but a I have been told by two other people that have worked on cars for years say to just replace the part.
My E check is due and it wont pass because this code is setting off the engine light.

Welcome to this forum! It sounds like you have worn servo bores. Don't waste time replacing the solenoid block. You have two options. You could either rebuild the entire transmission to resleeve the servo bores or you could install aftermarket servos with O ring seals while the transmission is still in the vehicle.

Hashing this up again as I have codes P0732, P0735 & P0775 on a 55R5S. I am wondering if I i have a one two punch of the Solenoid and Servo bore or if the P0775 (servo bore) is setting off the other codes?

1st to 2nd needs a high RPM and then a back off, leading me to the servo bore. I want to check the bands but not sure of the right way to go about it so i will search a few threads. This is the first time with the "transmission blues" and when I get into my 99 with the AODE (i think??) Transmission, i thank my lucky stars for it. possibly the smoothest one I have had from Ford.

Any pointers or links are greatly appreciated. I will try anything and answer any questions I can.