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P1451 EVAP Canister Help


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April 7, 2015
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Montauk NY
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1998 Ford Explorer XLT
Apparently a notorious problem for the Ford Explorers, I returned to my car yesterday and spotted the evap canister and mount hanging by the last thread of rust. I temporarily supported it with some wire to get home. I've already been throwing P1451 Code, and when the canister dropped some of the connections came undone. It appears to me the EVAP canister is two black boxes and they're connected by a piece that plugs two of the inlet/outlet holes.

Since the connections came undone I had to take my best guess at where everything plugged in, and when resupporting the canister I lost track of the orientation of the boxes to each other, however both boxes had a "ford" logo on the back side of them so I assumed they should both point the same direction. I plugged the piece that connects the two boxes into the two inner holes on the boxes, and the electrical sensor was plugged into the remaining open hole. I cleared the codes and within 20 mins of driving p1451 came back up. Where should I begin in diagnosing this issue ?

Does anyone have a photo of the plug connections so I can verify that I first of all plugged everything back in the right place ? The sensor's wires seem to still be well connected to the plug, but maybe there is a break some where in the line ?

if you go to fordparts.com, type in your VIN, and type "canister" in the part keyword, you should be able to find a schematic.