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PA Body Lift


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November 14, 2001
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Provo, Utah
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97 xlt 4 door
I am thinking of purchasing the PA 3" body lift. I was wondering what is the complete price of everything I need. (Body lift, shipping, installation, etc..) I will not be installing this myself, I will have it installed.:shoot:

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I bought mine for $ 162.00 from a local shop.
I know I could have gotten it cheaper through a mail
order outfit. BUT I could'nt wait.
Some shops I went to would not install it for me because of liability reasons, since the kit was made for a Ranger.
Only one shop said they would do it for $500.00.
I thought that was steep.
So I decided to get dirty and do it myself.
14 hours later and a lot of beer, It's done and that
includes modifying the bumper brackets.
I Just did all this 2 weeks ago.

mods to bumper brackets???


what mods did you do to the bumper brackets???

and can you list the locations of all the body mounts. Still can't find one of them



2 just behind the front bumper on each side, one on the drivers/1 on the passengers floorboards, just under the feet, 1 just to the rear of drivers/1 just to the rear of passengers seat, 4 in the cargo area of the truck (2 drivers/2 passengers)

I got a lot of my information off this site.
I cannot find the thread . but luckly I saved the adress on my favorites.
The adress is
This helped me out alot. I had my brackets welded by a friend of mine.
I'm new to all this computer biz, but I will try to figure out how to post some pictures of my brackets when I paint them.

for us '97 owners it is cheaper to order the #853 kit and then call PA (520-636-0979) and order the 883 brackets(which are 883-1(Left) & 883-4(right)) which run 13.63 a piece.

instead of buying #883 and then the stering extention for $55.00

38.60 -->brackets after shipping(your shipping might be different)
137.95 -->lift #853
22.81 --> shipping for lift (again your a lil different)

199.36 for the brackets and the lift kit, that should be all you need

yup yup, Cboug76 is right that is exactly the way you do it (i think i told him that) But order the Body lift #853 from whomever you chose, them call Performance accessories and tell them you wrecked your '00 ranger (rear ended a car or something) and you need new front bummper brackets (883-1,883-4) @13 bones a piece, they say sure and you got the brackets!. BUT Make sure you don't order the Body lift and brackets from the same place order the body lift from like 4wheelparts, or natltire then the brackets from PA! ood luck

(CBoug76 did i give you that info? :banghead: I can't remember)

I bought the # 853 kit and used the brackets out of that kit for my 95 explorer.
the brackets that came with my #853 are the same ones pictured on that guys website that I referred to earlier.

A.Scott, it just depends on what Year Explorer you have. The instructions I said before is what you have to do if you want to lift a 1997. They Changed the bumper brackets between 95 and 97......

Oh! I did not know that. Well I guess I learn something new every day.
By the way do you know if there is a thread on this site about anybody using a BBK throttle body.
I'm thinking about buying one and I wanted to know if it was worth it.

I didn't know that either. I do know that the bumper brackets that came with my #853 kit could in no way be used in their current configuration to lift my bumpers.