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Paint Code -- Hot Ginger Metallic

Not quite for an Explorer, but I am trying to locate the paint code for Ford's "Hot Ginger Metallic". It came on 1974 and 1975 (and possibly others) Broncos. Any help is appreciated.

...This company sells a Ginger Metalic in different types of auto paint...I hope this helps:dunno:

Edit:..Spoke to soon..:rolleyes:

..Found it on a 73 Bronco..

..And I found the color code here..Z= Hot Ginger Poly..;)

..On a 75 Bronco, more info can be found in post #10 of this thread...With lot's of pics..

Thanks for the information. The problem is that I'm finding information on the color, but not, e.g., a PPG paint code for it. I suppose I simply could call a PPG-authorized shop.

Thanks! That's what I needed!