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Paint on my 02 sport is coming up?


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April 12, 2003
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Dothan, Alabama
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2002 Sport
I got this sport new in january 02... and after about 3 months of not detailing i did it today and i notice that there are small white spots similiar to pollen ALL over the body of the truck

it looks as if there is white paint on top of the black paint and its UNDER the clearcoat... its as if the black paint were peeling under the clearcoat or something... im going to call the dealership today and lay an egg on someone cuz im not driving an easter egg around..

anyone any advice?


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do some searching around online for owners with a similar problem, this will help you with ammo when you go see the Ford body shop..

Ford paint SUCKS FYI, actually most US automakers paint sucks...

the paint on my 97 ex is the same little white spots where the paint is chiping off ..i complained to ford customer service ....they really know how t dummy up

The hood on my 02 sport did the exact same thing. It took a little fussing, just because I was dealing with a crappy dealership, but they did repaint it for me. Push to get it repainted, cause it will get worse. Before they repainted my hood, it started to crack and chip off!

Good luck!!!

I noticed something similar with my Trac even though it's somewhat newer. However, I noticed mine after the following events:

(1) Washed it and clayed it. Darkness kept me from waxing it.
(2) Had to drive the next day. It was a little wet out, and salt was on the roads.
(3) The third day I washed but didn't re-clay bar it. Figured it was still smooth. Waxed it.
(4) The following day I noticed little white specs here and there. I tried wiping them off, but they were either trapped by the wax or the problem you describe. However, I haven't decided to do anything until I take it to be detailed and buffed. If they cannot get them out, I'll go to Ford.

Hopefully it is not the paint. If it is, we'll see how much trade-in I can get on a silver '04 Trac. If the hit isn't too bad (a 2003 Trac with my options would fetch $23000 trade in; a 2004 significantly more), I may just switch to a not-so-demanding color. With all the rebates and college discounts I'd be eligible for, it would probably cost the same as if Ford told me I would have t pay for the paint job itself.

well I took it to them and they say its overspray from somebody painting nearby...

ok they must think im just clueless or something? its clearly UNDER the clearcoat... and how would overspray cover the entire body of the car so perfectly from every angle... and anyway i keep my truck garaged there is no place nearby that would be painting

this dealership is pissing me off... if I didnt still have to make payments on this truck i might go get a different ride all together


They should have the courtesy to give you a reach around as they give it to you raw. They're full of it. I recommend finding another dealer (since Ford Warranties are good at all dealers) or getting a body shop to give you their take.

I'm prepared to tell Ford to shove it if they do this to me. At 2200 miles and garage-kept, this truck has not been anywhere close to anything that would result in overspray getting on it.

Let me know how things work out for you - I am very interested as I may have to go the same route.

EDIT: Just found a 2004 Silver with my all my options that would be only $2200 (using a 2003 trade-in price) about an hour's drive away. If I could get another 1500 for it being a 2004, I'd pay the $700 to switch colors. Of course, this is all if the paint is defective. If not, I'll stay black. :)