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Paint scratch help

I have a little scratch in the paint of my truck, so i got some touch up paint form the dealer. What is the best way to apply or do this task right?

Also, whats the best way to remove the rust starting on the spot before the pain touch up?

The best way to remove (well, I'll say make acceptable) the scratch is to first wash the area that you plan to touch up with Dawn. Dawn (not Dawn scented, etc., just plain old blue Dawn) will remove any residue, wax, and the like. Then, using a clay bar, go over the scratched area very lightly to remove any imbedded contaminants. Rewash the area with Dawn, and dry with a no-lint towel. Using a toothpick, apply the paint INTO the scratch. Apply one line (coat) at a time until the scratch is level with the existing base/clearcoat. Then, allow time for it to dry. After a few days, wash the area, and then wax the area. It won't be 100% perfect, but it will be less noticeable.

Note: Do not use the brush in the touch up paint bottle. You want precision with a scratch, and a toothpick point will do the job well.

As for the rust, there are several commercially available "rust eaters." However, I know nothing of their harshness on paint. Monmix? A little help? :)

If the rust is from the scratch odds are it is very much surface.
Carefully sand it out. It shouldnt take much.
Like Adam said the brushes that come with most touch up bottles tends to be a bit huge. Go to a hobby shop or craft store and get some small brushes from there.

Best of luck.

Thanks everyone