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Paint the gray cladding

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go into projects and look for painting the cladding. I love mine , however mine is black on black. Really changes the look of the truck.

There's plenty of guys that have done it. Easiest way to find a picture would be to google search red ST with black cladding.

My 05 was bright red and I painted my cladding black. Definitely recommend it. Makes things pop. I unfortunately was just browsing this forum one last time for nostalgia's sake. Haven't been on in forever but my ST was totaled on monday. *moment of silence* so I figured I'd come on and see what everyone was up to. I'll try to find some pictures of the red/black for ya though!

Pictures for ya!


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Damn dgonz, that's a shame. Yours was the first on that came to mind when he asked about a red ST with black cladding too. :dead::(

Yea I laughed a bit when I saw that's what he was asking for.

MadTRAC, definitely recommend doing it. I followed the How-To on mysporttrac that's linked above and everything went perfect! Took about 14 hours total but I'm a notoriously slow worker when I'm doing things for the first time.

Here's my red one which might be the same color as your red since they are both 2001's.


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im sorry for your loss dgonz. she was a beauty. anyways that black cladding does look amazing though. really like the look especially with the black rims. is the pieces of cladding on the bed easy to take off? and thank you guys for all your help