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Paint to match trim on 08 XLT Questions

Im looking to paint my black trim on my sport trac white to match my truck and go for a more "limited" look. I plan on purchasing the touch up paint in the spray can from . I have a few questions before starting this project. First off, i plan on a primer but should i use an adhesive promoter as well? How many cans would i need for the front and rear bumpers, the wheel well trim as well as the door handles? Im gonna want a heavy coat on the front bumper just for extra protection. I will be removing all pieces and sanding and cleaning and i understand that the prep work is everything. I will be doing my best on this and i want it to look as if it came from the factory, which leads me to my next question. Should i just take it to a paint shop, or can i achieve that factory look?


June 11, 2009
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Tampa FL
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08 Explorer SportTrac XLT