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Painted the bumpers and cladding, No more grey nasty shiiii... WAHOO !!!

I did mine with rustoleum plastic paint about 8months ago and it needs done again. Faded and chipping. The 1st time I did it I left it on the trac qnd taped everything off. I blame that and being rushed for the quality of mine. Gunna go at it again with krylon. I'm thinking 3 coats n flat black with a clear gloss on top.

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I've scuffed mine from climbing in and out, stepping up on the bumper to climb into the bed and you couldn't even tell anything happened. I used flat black primer for a base then added thin layer after layer about 5-6 on the cladding and 4-5 for the bumpers.

how much would all the materials come up to? you have a list of everything you used in earlier post?

I bought everything for less then $50 that's 8 cans of Krylon, 4 cans of primer (cheap stuff), Simple Green big spray bottles (2), and a box of Scotch Brite steel wool pads.

Thanks alot! depending on the whole hurricane situation, i can maybe get started this weekend or next week on this. :D

So how'd you weather out the storm, everyone ok?

Oh yeah, all clear. All we got down here was a little rain, lotta wind, and a beautiful lit sky at 8:00 pm last night and tonight haha.

This is at 8:00 at night last night. The picture doesnt really do it justice, it looked completely abnormally orange outside.


Nice, glad to hear everyone's ok down there.

yeah man, & the BL is IN! hopefully will get her installed weekend after next, my peeps are going out of town for labor day, so ill have to wait.

Yea, I really like how the black turned out. I am also annoyed with my grey stripes in the cladding...
Nice job!

Thanks. The main thing with any paint job is prep work, take your time, do it right and it'll turn out great and last.