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Painting a wing questions

Hey, I just got my new Lund Windjammer in the mail. BTW I ordered it from Summit and paid only $54.95 with free shipping. I love Summit. Anyway, I obviously have to paint it now. I did searchs on painting a Lund wing and found some useful info. The best thread was about painting the Windjammer body color (chestnut) to match the guy's truck. Anyway my '02 is Oxford White, so I was thinking about saving a whole lot of money and just going to AutoZone and getting some Ford white paint. My question basically just involves tips that anyone might have. Will the paint flake over time if I don't get the factory paint? What grit sand paper do people prefer the best? Should I take off the 3M tape before I paint and then just put new bonding tape on after? Thanks

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i just painted my fiber fenders and this is what I did:

prep with 400 grit
duplicolor grey primer
600 grit lightly
duplicolor automotive paint from autozone.

I'm gonna wax it well next week and it should turn out very nice :)

There are different colors of WHITE; get the proper match if you want the job to look great.

Alecs method is pretty good. Here's the method I used to paint my fiber airdam:

Roughed up the surface with 1000 grit sandpaper.
2 Coats of black primer, sanding in between coats.
3 Coats of automotive paint (gotta be Duplicolor!)
Add clearcoat as necessary

I took precautions to make sure that the paint surface was very durable and able to withstand the conditions. I've found that it is very durable. You should have very good results using this method to paint your wing.

I've said it once and I'll say it again, don't let anybody tell you you can't do some decent painting with a rattle can. GOOD LUCK!

You guys are incredibly fast and informative! Definitely better than other forums. I think that I have a good idea of how to prep/paint the wing. I guess it will be Duplicolor paint. Just one more question, should I take off the 3M tape before I paint the wing and then put some more on later or just keep the tape on and paint around it? Thanks guys

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just put some masking tape over the 3m tape. The 3M tape is already well bonded to the wing, no use pulling it off just to put it back on again.

I left the tape on during my painting, One side is comming off now though.

i like yours, i don't think alec's has changed

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Alec and Hartman - Does it matter that this wing is plastic opposed to fiberglass? Does it change the prep work at all?

dont think so. as long as you can get the primer on there it's all the same.

With rubber you'll need a flexagent in the paint. Nothing you'll find at auto-zone will not only have that but will match. Aldive is correct. White has many , many shades. Even some cars the same make , model and year will vary more than a few shades.
It is doubtful a body shop will charge too much for that.
I would take it to a few shops and get some quotes.
That will give the best results

where did you get the wing?

Originally posted by Explorer46L
BTW I ordered it from Summit and paid only $54.95 with free shipping. I love Summit.