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Painting Bugflector and WJ Q's:


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December 9, 2001
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2003 Limited 4x4 V8
I just got a Windjammer in the mail today from S-Effects out of Arlington TX. That was the closest i could find and i wanted it soon.

Flair paint and body here offered to paint the WJ and Bugflector for like $25. I even told them that i have the limited paint that has an ivory base and a pearlescent on top of that. Well anyways I need to know how to prep if for them so they will do the right job.

This is what i've searched...

Rough the surface w/ 400-1000 grit sand paper (whatever works). Then black primer so they'll do it right.

How should i go about telling them to paint over the 3M tape? Just paint over it?

Oh and I really want them to paint the rear sides next to the back window because they're fading. How should i prep that?


You can scuff the parts with a 3M scuff pad, or use 320 grit sandpaper (wet). Sand just enough to break the gloss off. Then spray it lightly with grey primer, or whatever color that best matches the final coat.

If the 3M tape has a pull-off paper/plastic backing still on it, you can just spray over it. The tape will stick when the paper is removed.

If the area next to the window is in good condition; only dull, then I would use a scuff pad to rough the area up just enough to let the new paint adhere.

$25 is a real bargain for that painting. I would expect to pay a lot more, especially if they do the rear window area. If those other parts are flexible, make sure the painters add flex-agent to the paint, so it won't crack. Good luck with it.

Well actually the $25 was for the windjammer only. But i'm sure painting the bugflector and the rear would be about the same each.

I didn't even know there was such a thing as that flex agent. Thanks for telling me. I'll be sure and get them to use that.


It's done

Well i went to the place today to pick it up, and it looks great. They charged me $35 for just the Windjammer to be painted that tri-coat that i have. I love the way the thing looks and recommend anyone to get it to add style to their Ex. I took off the luggage racks to make the top sleek.

Well anyways Thanks runninonempty.