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Painting X trim

I have a white 1995 sport, and it is white with the black trim on it. I was wondering what it would cost to get all the black trim/bumpers painted to match my normal paint? Also how much would it be to get the whole truck repainted?

well, im no paint expert, but to get a decent paint job on the whole truck, im guessing probably somewhere in the ball park of $1000.

to get the black trim painted (im actually thinking about doing the same thing to my truck whenever i get the money) i think a few guys from this site said they got quotes for a few hundred bucks, but then they had to get repairs from accidents and the body shops hooked em up for real cheap, while the truck was there anyway, and im sure the claim was padded a lil.

Sand them down real good, primer them, sand them again, then primer, sand then paint! It shouldn't be that hard. You should be able to do it all with a rattle can too.

i wouldnt go painting bumpers, side skirts, fender flares, and nerf bars with a spray can. painting is always something you want to have done professionally (unless youre a pro, or know one.)