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Palm Pilot player

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August 25, 1999
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A good while ago, I decided to remove my radio because it was very nice and $$$ and I never listened to it. In its place, I installed a transmission temp gauge, and I was very happy with the way it turned out. After awhile I started missing my music, so I decided to undertake the project of wiring up my Palm. This became a big passion ever since I got one of the new LifeDrives, since it can hold 4 gigs of anything I want :D So I started yesterday tinkering around, and $18 later I finished my install today, and I am quite ecstatic :bounce:

I started by wiring up the power wire for the amp to one of the switches on my panel, so now I can listen to music with the vehicle off :cool: Then I dismembered the speaker wire assembly, grouped the wires together accordingly, then spliced them all into a set of audio plugs that plug into the back of the plugs that you see on the panel. It was a lot easier than I thought, and it sounds great! Thanks Radio Shack :D

Now I just have to come up with a holder for my Palm Pilot, but I have some sheet metal in the garage that should take care of that....


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hahahaha thats great!
So you are using the high level inputs to the stock amp from your 1/8" hgeadphone jack in the palm?
Should work okay as long as you keep the palms volume down a bit.

How does it sound?

Actually it sounds a LOT better than I was thinking it would. The mp3 software on my palm has a volume boost, so I can turn it up loud as @#$! and it still sounds good :D The only downfall is is that the factory sub does not quite pick up the bass it used to. But then again, I doubt my palm has the wattage my old head unit did :p

I have a similar setup in my boat, except the input goes into my head unit.

it is reall nice because anyone with a Ipod or MP3 player, heck a walkman could play music through the system. Back in high school I drove around a bit with my best friend in the back seat playing his keyboard though my system, hahaha

I hook up my Dell Axim or PSP sometimes and watch music videos or use my iPod for music.

Once you have an aux input, there are lots of possibilities for stuff to hook up.

sweet, like how it turned out!

The Palm is hooked straight to the factory wire harness, all the music is stored on the Palm itself. I just spliced in the audio cables because I thought they looked sexier than a headphone jack, and I had an extra set to destroy.

I may or may not look for a way to boost the bass, there is not much, go figure :p But it definitely sounds good the way it is.