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Palmer 7's '93 Limited Edition

Hello all! I have finally decided to make a registry after all this time haha. My explorer doesn't have a very big story behind it but It was purchased brand new by my grandpa in 1993. The first time I saw the ex was when I was 5 at Portland international raceway and I knew some day it would be all mine! NOT! hahaha. Then in 2002 my dad purchased the ex from my grandpa, I was always around it and thought it was a pretty nice car but never thought it would become mine. then in 2009 when I FINALLY passed my drivers license test my dad gave me the Sploder and I fell in love with it! All up until it started giving me trouble... I don't have pictures of it when it was given to me but right when I got it I changed the oil and the filter, next thing that went wrong from there is the head lights went out. so I replaced those, then then the right turn signal went out luckily only another bulb which I replaced. then I realized none of the interior lights worked soooooo once again... I replaced those. I thought I was in the clear for awhile, WRONG! The Premium sound system sub-woofer by JBL went out on me so I just left it. Next thing I got replaced after awhile was my front bushings because I was noticing a loud clunk every time I went over a bump so that fixed that. So after having the Ex for about 6 months I am finally coming up on my graduation day from High school and the number one thing I was thinking about the whole time is what should I do with my graduation money to the Ex. hahaha. Right when I got my money for graduation i went to Car Toys (bad decision, now that I'm a little more educated) and I purchased 2 brand new 10" pioneer subs a 500 watt amp and got it all installed in my ex and that took up all my money haha. But it really fixed my sub problem! Also got a pretty cheap Pioneer deck from Outrageous Audio. This is what I was running for awhile no more upgrades for the time being until I found this site and got my idea to lift my Ex right then my running boards came off and I bought 31x9.50 Hercules A/T tires and this is where my Ex is currently at.


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Awesome mate!!! She's a ripper, it must feel good to be driving your Grandpa's truck, a real sense of tradition.:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:

nice limited

Yo man that is one nice limited, I saw some dude driving one just like it, oh wait that was you! HA AHA HAHAHA

Thanks for the video link on my page, appreciated.

Jeez Stryct, that sounded almost like Emnem lyric's mate! Bloody clean under there Palmer, still awesome!!!!!!!!

Nice Limited! Like the sounds of your plans for it :thumbsup:

Leaving to Vegas today! Flight leaves at 4pm! wish me luck all! Got an off-road magazine for the flight ;) hell yea.

Goodluck! Get some mula for the truck :D

Repacked my wheel bearings today with StryctNy9e. He taught me how to do all that, Thanks man! Also had him drill some holes in my muffler because I'm getting a Flowmaster soon anyways so I just wanted to get a mean sound out of this old muffler while I have it, and it sounds pretty sick now and I can't notice a lot of power loss so it's cool.

GGlad to hear there was no power loss, I did like the sound of the limited as she cruised away from my house.

Awesome photo's!

Nice bro, im jealous!! Next time I will go for sure and we will tear some **** up. Thanks for the invite! Nic pics

She's a beaut!!!:thumbsup::thumbsup:

Nice man, I like the tri color shes got, I want to get a puppy soon also. You know I gotta have a Pit Bull. Now you got a co pilot. Bet she is fun to have around!

Leaving for hawaii tomorrow flight leaves at 10am I'll be there for 2 weeks I feel like I have more vacation updates then ex updates. My truck is feeling neglected. I'll be at maui so I'm looking for some locals on the forum.:thumbsup:

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Have a good time bro, enjoy the nice weather while you can, I dont know whats up with the rain in june around here. Have a good time, enjoy.