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Palmer 7's '93 Limited Edition

Hello all! I have finally decided to make a registry after all this time haha. My explorer doesn't have a very big story behind it but It was purchased brand new by my grandpa in 1993. The first time I saw the ex was when I was 5 at Portland international raceway and I knew some day it would be all mine! NOT! hahaha. Then in 2002 my dad purchased the ex from my grandpa, I was always around it and thought it was a pretty nice car but never thought it would become mine. then in 2009 when I FINALLY passed my drivers license test my dad gave me the Sploder and I fell in love with it! All up until it started giving me trouble... I don't have pictures of it when it was given to me but right when I got it I changed the oil and the filter, next thing that went wrong from there is the head lights went out. so I replaced those, then then the right turn signal went out luckily only another bulb which I replaced. then I realized none of the interior lights worked soooooo once again... I replaced those. I thought I was in the clear for awhile, WRONG! The Premium sound system sub-woofer by JBL went out on me so I just left it. Next thing I got replaced after awhile was my front bushings because I was noticing a loud clunk every time I went over a bump so that fixed that. So after having the Ex for about 6 months I am finally coming up on my graduation day from High school and the number one thing I was thinking about the whole time is what should I do with my graduation money to the Ex. hahaha. Right when I got my money for graduation i went to Car Toys (bad decision, now that I'm a little more educated) and I purchased 2 brand new 10" pioneer subs a 500 watt amp and got it all installed in my ex and that took up all my money haha. But it really fixed my sub problem! Also got a pretty cheap Pioneer deck from Outrageous Audio. This is what I was running for awhile no more upgrades for the time being until I found this site and got my idea to lift my Ex right then my running boards came off and I bought 31x9.50 Hercules A/T tires and this is where my Ex is currently at.


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Went to browns camp the other day and found some new trails.


Little muddy.

And lost my bumper..

also I forgot to post that I put on the forum sticker recently.


I only got a couple pictures from browns and I'll post them later.

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Cool as and looking forward to the pic's. Oh and there's some road kill on your tailgate!

Nice Tints

Damn bro that looks sweet!!!! I love that they are super dark and came out better than I expected. Good Job man! :cool:


Went to U pull it today found a nice lookin 1994 F150 worked on it for like 2 hours got the shock off got the coils off worked my way to those buckets and spacers and I couldn't get the nut off a little dissapointing but it's cool StryctNy9e says he will let me barrow some tools tomorrow so I should be able to walk away with those easy once I get those. I drenched them in WD40 while I was there and left some in the bucket so hope fully that gets me somewhere ;).

Also thinking about grabbing the leaf springs while I'm there tomorrow aperently they can give a good like 4" lift but I didn't measure them out so last a project for after the seat and spacers hell yeah.


Look what I found!


So glad I got them off finally thanks too StryctNy9e and his tools it only took about 30 minutes and a whole can of WD40!
Also grabbed the f150 springs too just because. haha.

Didn't end up getting the leafs I might have to find someone that would let me barrow there Sawzall and hopefully if the car is there next week take that thing to the grave.

But walked out with the coil seat and springs for $35 pretty good if I say so myself.

Saw a couple ex's when I was poking around after. 2 first gen limited's, I cried inside but ones mans trash is another mans treasure was about to walk out with both of their tail lights but they were gonna charge my $20 each light... YEA RIGHT!


First of all moved my sub!


I don't know what is happening though its probably wired wrong because it sounds like **** and i think it might have blown out now.. Haha good thing this speaker is like $30 now.



Add-a-leafs ;)


YEAH! Shackles yeah!

The lift is complete. Now for installing it haha. I am not very good at installing things... i.e. one blown out sub later.

Personally I would recommend that if you are going the add-a-leaf route to use the original shackles. I know people have had problems using extended ones and flattening out their leafs and losing lift. Just a suggestion though.

Worked on this today with my dad

Looks awesome!



All tig welded by a professional down at STOHR cars.

Check out their website by the way all if you click on F1000 that's my dad's car on the main picture.

Almost done just need to weld the rest get the light bars all cut and welded then throw this sucker on!


O it's heavy as %$&! by the way haha hopefully it can take a beating for all this work.

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