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Paragon Trip - Labor Day Weekend

You're SOO lucky the shot of the Jeep rescuing you didn't turn out better, Mike!!

But hey, he really did pull out a full size Chebbie ;) Funniest part was watching an H2 try to pull it out beforehand, from the wrong angle... then the tow hook on the Chevy straightened out and WAM! the tow strap smacked into the H2's glass... turned out the guy's brilliant girlfriend had his full size silverado in PARK :rolleyes:


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It was fun seeing everyone else get stuck too, plus when was the last time you saw an H2 get muddy?


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I got mine a little muddy too, but the important part was kept clean ;) :D

In case anyone else ever has an issue with their first gens overheating, I suggest you pull the rubber weatherstripping and hose between the condenser and radiator really really well... sometimes it doesn't look like there's much mud in there, but it only takes a small amount to make your antifreeze boil


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not much as beautifal as a dirty as hell first gen

Spas said:
By the way, I got the rest of my pictures back today :)

This is how you blow an alternator, Snowborder style :eek:

Correction: Alternator, Starter, Tire, Tensioner Bearing and Coolant Hose. :D

Spas said: can you be afraid of someone who has a condom attachment on their winch?!?! :eek:.....

Safe Winching.

I heard there was a deadly explosion in west patterson NJ and everyone in the town died a horrible death! How did you manage to stay safe? By the by, I got you some 5/8 and 3/8 arbor wheels for you ***** ass pussy grinder. I didn't remember which size you had.

cool tire

thought this might interest some of you *****es.


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yeah i left ALL the other wheels with him and he cant use them.. Damn foolish as I always need them. anywho those tires are pictured in the fun hump day photos thread somewhere, tara posted them. They are, intresting

How'd that thing make it up whompum!?

we wondered the same thing as it was happening, thing is whompum is sorta a joke now it just isnt the same it once was.

sn0border88 said:
we wondered the same thing as it was happening, thing is whompum is sorta a joke now it just isnt the same it once was.

Yea, its looking fairly tame in its current condition.