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Parking Brake Lever


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October 31, 2013
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2002 Explorer Sport
Hey guys - bought a 2002 Ex about a month ago, and the previous owner had removed the entire parking brake system on the rear end (aside from the cables that needed replacing anyway).

I've installed the shoes, hardware kit, and new cables, and the lever too.

Now, I've reached a problem. The lever doesn't move the shoes when I engage the foot brake. The cable retracts, and the lever moves, but doesn't move the shoes. Is there something I did wrong installing the shoes, hardware, etc?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


EDIT: I've taken the Ex to the local garage and they've checked over the vehicle - So far, so good. I'm just missing the part that actuates the parking brake shoes. Anyone know if I'd be able to get it cheaply (for both sides) outside of Ford dealerships in Ontario? I was told that it's a dealer-only item - Is this true?

Does the brake cable have too much slack in it?

Your best bet would be the junkyard. The part you seek has two pieces of steel that pivot on each other and actually push the shoes apart. The dealer will probably hose you for something that could be cleaned up with a wire brush and greased down with white lithium. Use plenty of grease, by the way, I used nickel anti-sieze on them last year and one side seized up so bad i had to torch it! (off the truck of course). This project all together is a HUGE P.I.T.A., I recommend studying the following write up in detail, thanks bdriver000, you Rock:

I will try to scare up some more specific info and pics on the levers you need and their orientation, which is critical.